Watch Karlie Kloss And Joan Smalls React To Being Named 'House Of Style' Hosts [Video]

Karlie and Joan recounting Karlie's epic voicemail.
Photo: MTV Style

Can you remember what you did the last time you got a piece of life-changing news? You probably called your best friend and either shrieked, screamed, and cried in his or her general direction for a solid 10 minutes, or you did the same over voicemail (or via text, Facebook, GChat, or, if it was REALLY good news, all of the above). Well models, they're just like us, because that's precisely what Karlie Kloss did to her bestie Joan Smalls when she found out they had been named the new hosts of House Of Style. There was yelling, swearing, and certainly some jumping up and down. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself. In the below clip, Joan plays the aforementioned voicemail, and although we had to edit out some of Karlie's more colorful turns of phrase, you get the idea. Also, Karlie, no worries, we would have dropped some f-bombs too at news like that. You know what else has us jumping up and down with excitement? The fact that the first episode of House Of Style will be live for your viewing pleasure! October 16th is barreling towards us like a freight train, and you know we're DYING to show you what we have up our sleeves. In the meantime whet your whistle with the teaser video after the jump, and stay glued to MTV Style for more fun from Karlie and Joan!

House Of Style | Karlie Kloss And Joan Smalls React To Being Named Hosts

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