Rita Ora Shows Off Custom Air Jordan Platform Sneakers

Rita Ora at the Ad Week concert in New York City.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's one thing we know about Rita Ora, it's that this girl LOVES her sneakers. Since Day One the U.K. singer has paired her kicks with everything from minidresses, to maxiskirts, to jumpsuits, and seriously DOMINATES every time. And sure, occasionally Rita will swap out the sneaks for heels, but let's be real: it's tough to find a pop star who's singlehandedly monopolized the shoe game as well as this one. Just when we thought it couldn't go any further, this week Rita took her sneaker swag to the next level- literally- with customized Air Jordan platforms! (Pause to re-read the previous sentence). No, we're NOT kidding. And yes, they're just as amazing as they sound. Rita showed off her new pair on Twitter, saying "TONIGHTS FOOTWEAR, CUSTOM JORDANS..... DONT GET MAD. I KNOW YOU ARE." We're not mad, Rita...we're just really jealous.

She wore the one-of-a-kind black and white platforms with an illusion maxiskirt and a Jeremy Scott "Freak" sweater to her concert in New York City. Paired with Barbie pink lipstick, blonde ringlets and long red nails, the outfit is the perfect combination of girly, sweetwear, and tomboyish cool. Besides the fact that the shoes are way cute AND give a magical levitating effect under her sheer skirt, we can only imagine how much more comfy these bad boys are while performing "How We Do (Party)" onstage than annoying pointy high heels. Get another look at Rita' killer custom pumps here and prepare to seriously step it up.

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