Lady Gaga Brings Back Liz Hurley's Iconic Versace Safety Pin Dress

Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Hurley, Versace dress

Lady Gaga brings back Elizabeth Hurley's iconic black Versace dress.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

We spotted Lady Gaga hanging with blonde designer bestie Donatella Versace yesterday at Palazzo Versace, posing for pics and generally looking both strikingly chic and adorably alike (like a high school spirit week Twin Day but IRL!!). We didn't know what the two were cooking up then, but we're preeeeetty sure the above black, super low-cut, safety-pinned look was a result of yesterday's activities. Looks like Donatella let Gaga's monster paws dip into her late brother Gianni's archives again, and this time, she's resurrected a Versace icon of epic proportions: the décolletage dress Elizabeth Hurley made famous at the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Gaga exited the Principe di Savoia wearing the headline-making gown (which is so infamous it has its own Wikipedia page, BTW) on the way to her Milan concert. Never one to straight-up copycat, Mother Monster made the dress her own with gorgeous rectangular drop earrings and a pair of her hallmark platform booties with a sateen finish. Her beauty game was considerably more done up that Hurley's OG fresh-faced steez, with rich lips, contour blush, and an enviable waterfall of (newly) brunette hair down to the small of her back (most likely extensions because who can honestly grow hair that lush and healthy THAT quickly??). What do you think of Gaga's updated Versace safety pin dress ensemble? Did she do the iconic gown justice? Let us know in the comments below!

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