Laura Willis Of Screaming Mimi's Collaborates With Target On Halloween Lookbook

One of Laura Willis' expertly styled costumes for Target.
Photo: Target

If you're a vintage fashion fiend and have ever visited New York City, there's a good chance one of your first stops was Screaming Mimi's in NoHo. The eclectic village boutique offers expertly curated vintage wares making it one of those stores that you enter and leave three hours late in a euphoric fashion daze. And that's just for most of the year. If you're planning a trip to Screaming Mimi's, as the name might suggest, the best time to go is around Halloween. The shop's owner, Laura Willis, is the queen of Halloween, and decks out the bright exterior of her shop with heart-stoppingly elaborate window displays that would put the winner of any costume contest to shame. It's only natural, therefore, that when Target was looking to add a little stylish flair to their Halloween lookbook they would enlist Willis, and that she, in turn, would create amazing, totally prize-worthy costumes from just what the store already had in their stock.

As much as we all wish we could be the girl with the incredible DIY costume, it often just doesn't work out like that. Either you find yourself at the last minute without that one, super specific, totally essential item to your self-made costume or you just didn't get it together at all. That's where Target comes in. The store has everything you could need year round, and great capsule collections too, and for Halloween it can't be beat, in price or selection. And now, with the help of Laura Willis, you can get inspired to take the costumes that target already has available and mix and match them to create stylish and original costumes.

Head over to Target to watch a video of Laura styling the Halloween lookbook, and to check out all the costumes!

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