Lady Gaga's Childhood Photo Proves She's Always Dressed Vampy-Chic

Lady Gaga Child Photo

Lady Gaga as a child and at a Fame fragrance launch in Paris on Sept. 23.
Photo: Images

This just in: Lady Gaga has always been awesome. The proof is in the pudding, er, photo (above) that surfaced on Mother Monster's social networking site just a couple of days ago. When Gaga was just little ol' Stefani Germanotta, she sported—GASP—head-to-black, cat eyeliner and bold red lips. So, basically, while most of us had a mouthful of braces and greasy bangs in our tweens *shiver*, Gaga looked like, well, this. AMAZING, RIGHT? We couldn't help but notice that ESPECIALLY as of late, Gaga has really been channeling her inner goth-child look while promoting her Fame fragrance. I mean, first she dyed her hair back to her original brunette color, and then just last week she suited up in a vampy-chic all-black ensemble with a burgundy-stained lip and killer 'tude. It's like nothing has even changed, y'all. DOES SHE NOT STILL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME?

When we look back at our other fashion-y faves in their childhood years (see: Gwen Stefani and Rihanna) they were rockin' fearless individual style with total confidence even way back in the day, and Lady Gaga is no different! But is anyone else DYING for more baby Gaga pics now?! Like, what other too-cool-for-school ensembles was she sporting back in the day? We. Must. Know. Someone get on that ASAP, and by "someone," we mean you, Lady Gaga. Kthxbi.

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