Lyz Olko Of Obesity & Speed: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Lyz Olko Obesity and Speed

Lyz Olko of Obesity & Speed.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

Are you craving a goth-y grunge fall makeover? Ditto. Well, look no further than downtown-friendly New York cult label, Obesity & Speed. I'm especially obsessed with co-founder Lyz Olko, who, when she's not hand-dying those salacious signature "Choose Death" t-shirts, also runs many a tight door at Gotham's goth-est of boites, perpetually shaking her disheveled dirty blonde locks/giving a smoke-y side eye to Hot Topic clad imposters. Hipper-than-thou newsflash: O&S fans include a slew of sartorial slayers with a penchant for killer duds like Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss, Grimes, Santigold, Natalia Kills and former O&S lookbook models Becka Diamond, Sky Ferreira, and Lindsay Wixson, who got their sulk/perfected-pout on. Olko's upcoming SS13 collection, “Can’t Lose,” is BANANAS, as you'll see below, which is to blame for us MTV Stylers shivering in our shredded skinnies/creepers. Major shout out to Lyz for my coveted anarchy tote, which I naively chose as my LAMD (look at me device) on a recent trip to Dubai (and I didn't get arrested! #Rebel). Anyway, open a credit card or three and prepare to dieee (hehe) over Lyz Olko's fashion-y Favorite Things. <3 you, girl.

Obesity and speed destroyed tee

Obesity & Speed hand-destroyed tees.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

Statement Piece: Obesity and Speed destroyed tee and a BLK DNM leather jacket.

Karaoke Jam: "Dear God" by XTC. You need two people for this one.

eBay purchase: A Misfits “Die Die My Darling” and Dead Kennedy’s “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” (completely falling apart now) tees that I bought on eBay about 10 years ago by a strange coincidence from this kid in my hometown. I don't think he had any idea of their sentimental or financial value. They are so amazing. Also, this Free The West Memphis 3 t-shirt that's BROWN (you never see a brown one) that my friend Bill gave me. We also fought over who got to keep it forever.

Lyz Olko Tattoo

Lyz Olko's skull tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

Tattoo: A small skull on my wrist.

Nail Polish: Chanel black satin.

Obesity & Speed Death Valley High sweatshirt.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

Obesity and Speed Head-Turners: Death Valley High sweatshirt, the indigo dyed denim shirts, and hand dyed destroyed tees. Also, the “Can't Lose” athletic jersey!

Kicks: Acne boots or beat up Vans.

Fashion in a Music Video: Madonna's "Burning Up"...that white dress!

Hangover Cure: I don't really drink that much, but I highly recommend Juice Press's coconut water as the most delicious and hydrating drink on the planet that is a cure all for everything.

Moisturizer: Kiehl's and Clarins.

Hair Product: A rubber band?

Lipstick: YSL.

Obesity & Speed Loners army jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Lyz Olko

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