Aubrey Plaza Cuddles With A Cat On The Cover Of 'Bust'

Aubrey Plaza for 'Bust'.
Photo: 'Bust' Facebook page

Here's one of the many reasons why we love Aubrey Plaza: besides her whip-smart sense of humor and mastery of deadpan expressions (seriously, we can only DREAM of doing a "you've GOT to be kidding face" as well as her), the Park and Rec star has reached the ideal fashion middle ground. If this were a romantic relationship we were talking about, they'd be casually dating- not too serious, not too overbearing, but definitely enough mutual affection to keep things rolling. It SEEMS like a weird analogy, but go with us here...only Aubrey can rock of-the-moment trends like cutouts and ankle boots to Hollywood events, star in designer fashion films, AND THEN do a total 180 with a style prank like sporting a 'stache on the red carpet. It's the perfect fashion-meets-fun combo, and the actress shows off both sides on the new cover of Bust magazine.

She's posing with a fluffy white cat for the mag's October issue, wearing a classic black and white printed cardigan and crisp white top. And while we're obsessed with her shiny brown hair, groomed brows and overall gorgeous beauty look, what we love the most HAS to be her slightly smirky smile- almost like she's having an inside joke moment at that very second and nobody's in on it but her. There's way more of the funny girl inside the new issue of Bust, on newsstands now. With Miu Miu's new campaign and glossy covers under to belt, Aubrey's fashion fling just miiiiight be getting more serious. Either way, we can't WAIT to see this relationship unfold...

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