Kiernan Shipka And Hailee Steinfeld Wear Peter Pan Collars: Who Wore It Better?

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Kiernan Shipka and Hailee Steinfeld channeling Peter Pan with their collars at Teen Vogue's Young Holywood party.
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Let us tell you: we've seen the future of Hollywood, and it's bright. Not to say that there aren't some promising young actresses in the older half of the "young Hollywood designation," but we sincerely think that there are a few 16 and unders who are poised to give even older actresses a run for their money. Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka and True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld are two of the most exciting young whippersnappers making their mark on movies and TV these days. Add to their jaw dropping acting chops the fact that both these young ladies are also budding fashion plates and what you have is a recipe for MTV Style to plant ourselves firmly in their corners, forever. Hailee is the face of Miu Miu and took a turn as a fashion correspondent for Teen Vogue at this year's New York Fashion Week. Kiernan is quickly becoming a red carpet favorite and showed off her formidable closet to Harper's Bazaar earlier this year. With a combined age of less that 30--Kiernan is 12, Hailee 14--these two young a-listers are undeniable. At Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party, they embodied yet another of the traits that we love about them: while both are sophisticated and meticulous dressers, they always wear age appropriate, fun dresses, experimenting with trends and high fashion while still sticking firmly in the realm of (really fancy) kid-dom. On last night's red carpet, both girls wore Peter Pan collars, one of our favorite trends for fall. Kiernan went the traditional route, with a collared cocktail dress, while Hailee Steinfeld decided to switch up the trend in a detachable metal collar. Will we be able to decide who wore it better? See for yourself after the jump.

Kiernan, as we mentioned, went the classic route, with a peter pan collared, super sparkly (but not in a tacky way) royal blue a-line cocktail dress. It's girlish and elegant at the same time, with short sleeves and a hemline just high enough above the knee so as to not age Kiernan toward matronly, but long enough to still be tween-appropriate. Also it might be velvet. Is it velvet? Paired with a killer crown braid and simple, clean makeup, this is a traditional use of the peter pan collar that has us taking notes for our own fall wardrobes. Meanwhile, Hailee opted for the very on trend detachable metallic collar necklace. The part-necklace, part collar look is a great, versatile way to play with your closet staples, and we're 100% into how Hailee is pairing it with a blue and black dress and AMAZING navy heels, loose waves and simple makeup. It's a look that's both fashion-forward and sweet, without being syrupy or too old at all. Both girls are working a favorite trend in a different, but awesome way, so how can we choose who is wearing it better? The answer is we can't, but we're gonna go step up our never wanna grow up Peter Pan game, STAT.

What do you think of Kiernan and Hailee's Peter Pan collars?

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