Rihanna Takes Book Clutch Trend One Step Further With Mario Testino's 'In Your Face'


Rihanna clutches Mario Testino's "In Your Face" photography book.
Photo: Getty Images

Essentially, what's happening here is Rihanna, non-verbally, saying, "Alright, Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams. I see your book clutches, and I raise you... clutching an ACTUAL BOOK... And an unreleased one at THAT!" Then she sprinkles all the chips in the middle of the table and fireworks explode behind her. BLADOW! *soft crackle of fizzling out pyrotechnics* Okay, soooo that may have been a 100% surmised situation, but can't you just imagine it happening? And all of it topped off with a tweet from Rihanna punctuated with "#ph***yohandbags" or something similar (also, uncensored)?? *shrugs* Maybe it's just us. Regardless, it brings up a great question: could Rihanna's book-clutching look out-pace the quirky-cute book clutch steez we've grown to love? We take a closer look.

Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams use book clutches.
Photo: Getty Images

Both Natalie and Michelle's book clutches here are by Olympia Le-Tan and feature iconic covers of beloved classics Lolita and Catcher In The Rye. The cover Rihanna's toting around, on the other hand, is the brand spankin' new Mario Testino photography book "In Your Face" which is only available (to the non-international-pop-star proletariat) in pre-orders! The versions these Young Hollywood leading ladies are carrying also boast the ability to actually CARRY things like your money and your ID and your lipgloss whereas Rihanna's actual book, well, it just doesn't do that. It's made for reading. Our girl Ri, however, has found a work-around. If you really need places to hold things, wear an over-sized coat because *drumrollllll* POCKETS! What do you think? Will actual books phase out book-clutches? Let us know in the comments!

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