Demi Lovato Professes Love Of '90s Fashion

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato tweets about her love of '90s fashion.
Photo: Courtesy of @DDLovato's Twitter

We've already seen Demi Lovato slay '90s grunge beauty dead with her platinum blonde hair and unabashed wielding of dark, DARK lipstick, so it was only a matter of time until her love for the era of Bill Clinton and Lisa Frank extended to the rest of her daily steez. Apparently, that day has officially come as Demi tweeted a series of nostalgic fashion tweets pointing to pictures of candy-colored comb-tooth headbands and tattoo choker necklaces, ultimately culminating in a mirror-shot selfie photo clad in head-to-toe '90s gear.

Demi's not alone - '90s fashion fever is EVERYWHERE, and right now, it's more pervasive than ever. With so many people hopping on the throwback train, you'd think we'd be tired of the Manic Panic hair colors and Doc Martens and Spice Girls re-ups by now. Spoiler alert: we're definitely not. And if anything, Demi's iteration of the steez is probably one of our favorites that we've seen thus far, only fueling our fire for '90s fashion.

She couples a flat brim felt hat, a red flannel shirt and a seriously badass pair of all-over SPIKED flatform boots (holy trend-wagon!) with a black dress with flirty sheer stomach panels, a fringed purse, and a dainty gold-accented sunglasses + watch combo. And OF COURSE, the beauty game is on lock. What do you think of Demi's '90s-inspired style?

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