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Monster X

"Monster X" bag.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Twitter

Some opt for subtle hints and some shout from the mountaintop--voices in fashion take different approaches to getting a message across. Well y'all, this week we've kept our ears to the STREETZ.

Handbags Inspired By Lady Gaga's Tush

In the wake of Lady Gaga's recent brave response to weight-haters (think: her awesomely meta Comme Des Garçons coat), we couldn't be more excited that Mugler's first-ever leather bag collection celebrates the pop super-diva's BEhind. We wonder, though, is this a bold statement on behalf of her good friend (and Mugler creative director) Nicola Formichetti, or just a fortuitous coincidence? {via Refinery 29}

Grazing Sheep In New York City's Bryant Park

Excuse us while we SHUT THE FRONT DOOR because today the Campaign for Wool turns NYC's Bryant Park into a meadow for thirty. grazing. sheep. The UK-based environmental organization created this installation in an effort to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool, a sustainable and durable fabric. Our response: bring on the fleece. {via Racked National}

GROK Leather Bowtie Collection

Ladies and gents! Bowties NO longer come standard with Croakies and a cigar! Japanese leather artisan GROK Leather punches some attitude into this classic collar piece for its Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Each masterfully crafted ehem LEATHER bowtie displays controversial four-letter words and brings a whole new meaning to the term "statement piece." {via Hypebeast}

Karl Lagerfeld's Allergy

Karl Lagerfeld sat down for a little Q&A with M Magazine to share a few rules about his personal style. And, well, the interview quickly turned into a feast of LOL-candy. The brassy and beloved designer claims to be "physically allergic to flip-flops." Oh Karl, tell us how you really feel. {via Fashionologie}

Pimp My Stroller

Cars have headlights, so why can't strollers? Brooklyn-based inventor Bruce Fraizer will hook up your stroller with cup holders, flashing LED lights, and an iPod dock. The idea was conceived after Fraizer accidentally ran into a mom with a stroller (...), so this new service aims to make transporting tots safer and, er, casually well-equipped for an EDM festival.

{via Animal NY}

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