Elmo Shows Off Fashion-Forward Wardrobe For 'Harper's Bazaar,' Makes Our Hearts Melt

Elmo Fashion

Elmo shows off one of his outfits.
Photo: Via Harper's Bazaar

We'll admit we're becoming huge fans of Harper's Bazaar's online series "The Look" thanks 'dorbs wardrobe interviews with some of our fashion-y faves (like Kiernan Shipka last month!), but the most recent episode tugged at every last one of heart strings—it features Sesame Street's Elmo! Now before you get all, "Elmo can't be stylish! He barely even wears CLOTHES!" on us, we just have one thing to say: Boy has some serious style game. The proof is in the pudding, er, video, folks, because when we take a closer look at all his gear, he's got more variety than most celebs we've ever seen. From white tuxes to neon bodysuits to fur coats, Elmo's really got it all. He also touches on some of his favorite accessories including cowboy boots, a top hat, and tap shoes.

Our favorite part, though, has to be at the verryyy end when he points out a certain pair of gold-winged kicks that closely resemble the Jeremy Scott x adidas winged sneakers that we're so used to seeing. They totally look like some next-level Blue Ivy Carter baby shoes, and we're soooo not mad at that. (Can I haz in a bigger size, plz?) Anywho, we DARE to watch this video and not crack smile because Sesame Street + fashion always equals something great, and this wardrobe tour certainly did not disappoint! Let us know which Elmo ensemble you like best in the comments below.


{via Harper's Bazaar}

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