Watch Sarah Jessica Parker Play A 'Vogue' Editor On 'Glee'

Sarah Jessica Parker's big reveal on Glee.
Photo: Fox

When we heard that someone would be portraying a Vogue editor on Glee, of course our mind immediately started spinning. Who could it be? What actress could possibly fill Anna Wintour's impossibly chic shoes (besides, obvs, Meryl Streep, our all time fave Anna impersonator)? Why, Sarah Jessica Parker, of course! The veteran actress, is a stranger neither to singing (she got her start on Broadway!) nor to the hallowed halls of the legendary fashion magazine. In her role as Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, Parker wrote for Vogue, and some of our favorite episodes took place there. In her episode of Glee, she plays the editor of, who is interviewing Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, for an internship. We have a sneaking suspicion that her portrayal is going to be pretty far off from the icy, tough editrix Meryl portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, from the promo video below, SJP's editor seems positively, well, sweet.

The preview was originally posted by Vogue, who are 100% on board with the mag being portrayed on the small screen. In fact, Anna Wintour herself helped pick out some of the wardrobe for the episode. Too. Good. Check out a clip from the show below, and tune in tomorrow night when the full episode will air on Fox at 9 PM eastern time.