Justin Bieber Performs On 'Dancing With The Stars' In Head-To-Toe Leather

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber performs on "Dancing With The Stars" in head-to-toe leather.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Justin Bieber's love affair with leather is a story we know all too well, and the latest chapter was penned last night during his performance on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. The teen titan took to the DWTS stage for the show's 2-hour results premiere to perform a heavily-choreographed performance of his hit single "As Long As You Love Me.". Who of sound mind would perform a high-energy dance routine suited up in all-leather? Apparently Justin Bieber. But rest assured, he (and/or stylist Ryan Good) built in mechanisms for keeping cool.

Bieber emerged from behind faceted gold panels wearing an all-over embellished black hooded leather vest on top of a longline leather tank top and special edition leather versions of those zippered ChachiMomma sweatpants he's grown so fond of lately. A few bars into the song, his female back-up dancers smoothly remove the sleeveless cover-all, revealing the entirety of Bieber's tank top. Also, SHOULDERS. If you look reeeeeally closely, you'll see that the tank Biebs is rocking is perforated *exhales GIANT sigh of relief* which should help with the breathability of his ensemble. We're not sure how/if he's ventilating the lower half, though... *winces and remembers Ross's leather pants fiasco on Friends* Justin finishes off the outfit with a gold chain tucked into the top Kanye-style and of course, a pair of Supras.

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