JWOWW’s Engaged: Check Out Her Ring!

Jenni ’JWOWW’ Farley reveals her engagement ring for ’In Touch’ magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of In Touch Weekly

Whew, it looks like another Jersey Shore girl is about to get hitched! Following Snooki’s engagement earlier this year (and the stylish arrival of her baby boy!), her fellow castmate/BFF JWOWW is also joining the bride-to-be clan by announcing exclusively to In Touch that she’s marrying her boyfriend of two years, Roger Mathews. All together now: Awwww! While we’re SUPER happy for the Shore girl, we need to cut to the chase—what does the ring look like?! From what we can see, um, that’s one GIANT rock. JWOWW told In Touch, “Roger’s not an average-looking guy, he’s huge: his personality, his size [6’4″]. So I always said, ’I want my ring like you—big! The bigger the better!'” Well, boy certainly delivered. *claps*

Roger busted out the bling after a skydiving session where a handwritten sign awaited them at the bottom asking for her hand in marriage. (Um, did he seriously skydive with that diamond shiner in his pocket?! CRAY.) In JWOWW’s engagement photo above, she paired her larger-than-life ring with a soft, sweetheart neckline white dress, gold stilettos, sweeping hair, and mile-long lashes. If this is a foreshadowing to how she’s going to look on the big day, well, she’ll certainly be a stunner! For more info on JWOWW’s engagement, check out the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.

UPDATE: We also have all the nitty gritty deets on JWOWW’s engagement ring, juuuust in case you’re preparing a checklist to casually place into your boyfriend’s cereal box. *WINK* Jenni’s ring features a whopper of a cushion cut diamond that’s over 5 carats. The stone is swimming in a wreath of 2.5 carats of pink and white diamonds, and the rocks are set in white-gold. Apparently, now-fiancee Roger spent MONTHS working with jewelry designer Layna Friedman of Jenni-favorite Barbie Rocks to design the ring. WOWW, that’s dedication. Feel free to leave the part about all Roger’s advanced preparations in that note to your beau. And tell him to contact us directly if he has any issues with your high standards. *’round the world SNAP*

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley reveals her engagement ring for “In Touch” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of In Touch Weekly

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