Peep Blue Ivy's First Custom Kicks By Ruthie Davis!

Blue Ivy Shoes Ruthie Davis

Blue Ivy's custom Ruthie Davis shoes.
Photo: Via Ruthie Davis' Facebook

Guys, should we be worried that Blue Ivy Carter's shoe game is already becoming better than ours? Beyonce and Jay-Z's 8-month-old baby girl is getting QUITE the collection of kicks, and we're getting a teensy bit (OK, A LOT) jealous. We peeped her too-cool-for-school all white Jeremy Scott x adidas Baby J Wing sneakers in April, and we certainly didn't forget those super cute Marc Jacobs metallic mouse slippers from March, but her latest addition is—*drum roll*—custom kicks by Ruthie Davis! *drools*

The designer posted a pic of the baby shoes on her Facebook page saying, "Pssssst! Take a look at the Baby Ruthie's I made especially for Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy... SO Sweet, right?" Um, YES. Understatement of the year! The light pink leather booties feature decked-out lavender rhinestones along the sides with matching laces. The lining also looks SUPER soft, which reminds us—um, Ruthis, can you make these bad boys in our size, please? Thaaaaanks. We can't wait to see what sneaks she'll will wear next, *prays they come out with baby-sized Air Yeezy 2s* but tell us—do you like Blue Ivy's custom kicks? Let us know in the comments below!

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