Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani Rock Crop Tops At The iHeartRadio Music Festival

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Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani got a lil' 90's at the iHeartRadio festival.
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As quintessential 90's garments go, the sleeveless, cropped turtleneck is pretty high up there, alongside velvet babydoll dresses, daisy prints and Docs, we would say. It's also been creeping back into rotation in the past few months, and although it's a challenging garment in theory, as turtlenecks are (we just feel so conflicted!), we have to say we're learning to love it. As you can imagine, our eyes got wide when we saw not one but TWO turtleneck crop tops at the iHeartRadio festival yesterday, on Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani. Now, WE don't need to tell YOU how much of a co-sign it is to see two ladies working a trend we've been mulling over. Not to mention the fact that they're of two distinctly different generations. Gwen was already a fashion icon in the 90's, although she wasn't too much older than Miley is now. Miley, on the other hand, was but a wee baby in the 90's (she was born in 1992) and so these trends are brand new for her, so it's interesting that it would be Miley who would rock a truly nostalgia-inducing version of the cropped, sleeveless turtleneck (we can literally see Shannon Doherty wearing this top in our minds), while Gwen's crop top is distinctly more futuristic and modern.

Miley's whole look on the iHeartRadio red carpet was 100% pure 90's glam. She paired a tight, cropped black sleeveless turtleneck with a high waisted silver metallic pencil skirt. The silhouette is somewhere between mod fembot and edgy office wear, and we LOVE it. Although the exposed mid-section reminds us a bit of fights we used to have with our mom over the length of our baby tees (and the low rise of our hip huggers, yikes) in the late 90's, we're super into the high waist with cropped top look, as it exposes some skin without going the whole belly hanging out route, which it takes a brave soul to pull off anywhere besides the beach or MAYBE a summer music festival. Gwen, on the other hand, brought back the low rise jeans of those crop top days, along with her midriff bearing shirt. The top, which was half harness, half embellished tee, was 100% classic No Doubt cool paired with some military inspired black nylon pants and Gwen's signature red lips and blonde bun.

What do you think of the crop top trend?

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