The Backstreet Boys Sell Jeans For "Everybody" In Old Navy Commercial

The Backstreet Boys are selling jeans for Old Navy.
Photo: Old Navy

If you were a tween girl back in 1996, you probably already have a medley of Backstreet Boys songs streaming through your head after reading their name in the headline of this post. It's like some kind of unavoidable physical reaction brought on by the fact that they are a near-perfect (nobody's perfect) boy band. The boys of Backstreet have been staging a comeback for over a year now, getting the whole band back together and creating a gelled-hair-juggernaut alongside 80's boy band legends New Kids On the Block, and now they're guaranteeing that everyone will once again have their songs stuck in their heads by invading our living rooms during commercial breaks in a new Old Navy ad. The commercial, which is for the retailer's new skinny jeans, changes "everybody" to "every body," and has women flocking to the runway after the sound of their voices. The clip is called "Rockstar Runway," and, although we feel like "Popstar Runway" might be a little bit more appropriate, it's a good fit for the boy band who just won't quit. Watch the clip after the jump.

The super stretchy skinny jeans come in tons of colors and retail for $19.00 at Old Navy stores and online. Check out the commercial here.

What do you think of the Backstreet Boys' Old Navy commercial?

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