Top Style Bloggers Of The Week: Studs

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Frida J., Aimee S., and Alyssa L.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

Spikes, stakes, staples, whatever. Studs in all shapes and sizes have been popping up all over the place recently... and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. That's good news for us, because we've been taking mental style notes all summer long thanks to stud-lovers like Alexis Krauss and Katy Perry. But NOBODY beats Demi Lovato, who's rocked them on jackets, on blouses, and on booties. Hello, there are even studded manicures! And just in case THAT'S not enough inspiration for you, we've picked our favorite style bloggers who've been working these killer details like nobody's business. See how they wear studs below, but first a warning: be careful who you hug, because this trend is dangerous.

Frida Johnson of Fyndigt by Frida


Frida is a fashion blog MVP, and for good reason. The Swedish student has AMAZING style, whether it's showing how to wear a turban to perfection or a statement studded backpack like the one above. Although it's easy to assume that layers of leather automatically equal "biker babe," that's definitely not the case with the 19-year-old. She's wearing an army green jacket with leather sleeves (another trend!) a leather miniskirt, AND a leather studded backpack from Swedish retailer Chicy. Paired with heels and a black beanie, the looks is unexpectedly-and undeniably-girly.

Aimee of Song of Style

Blog: Twitter: @AimeeSong.

We're getting major Demi Lovato vibes from San Francisco blogger Aimee Song, who's wearing the singer and actress's red carpet studded staple: an embellished black jacket. But unlike Demi, who prefers pointy spikes, Aimee's studs look slightly less threatening. The tailored silhouette of her Zara topper add even more of a pop to the red skinny jeans and Levi's white button-down ensemble. Topped off with piles of bracelets, who says pretty and edgy have to be mutually exclusive?

Alyssa L. of Ordinary People


At first glance, you wouldn't even KNOW that Alyssa was wearing studs...until you saw her feet, that is. The Canadian 20-year-old toughens up a classically feminine look with some killer spiky loafers from The Quiet Riot. We're digging the juxtaposition of her pastel color palette and luxe materials like chiffon with the hard-edge of her slipons. Nicely done!


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