Betsey Johnson's Daughter Lulu Is Starting Her Own Clothing Line

Betsey and Lulu Johnson at Betsey's 70th birthday party.
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Lulu Johnson has quite and enviable pedigree. Not only is her mom Betsey Johnson, whose 70th birthday party we just attended, but Lulu grew up right at the helm of her eponymous clothing line as both muse and design assistant (how's that for training?). It's only natural, therefore, that she would grow up to be a designer in her own right, and that's exactly what she's doing with her new line, Lulu and Allison (the 'Allison' would be her best friend and co-designer, Allison McClellen). Now, we're pretty sure anything designed my a woman who had not only grown up with a fashion designer mom but also with access to THE BETSEY JOHNSON ARCHIVE would have to be pretty bonkers. However, Lulu claims to be more down to earth, or at least less sartorially adventurous, than her mom. In a new video from The Stylish (which you can watch after the jump) Lulu describes her line as, "a line for women who still want to be hip, sexy, and cool," while Betsey describes her own line as, "very punky, very downtown Sally Brown, very MTV." First of all, we are beyond pleased to be used as a descriptor for one of our favorite designers EVER, and second of all, it sounds like Lulu will not be following directly in her mother's footsteps with her line. We're going to get to follow along the whole way, though, as the two are also about to begin a reality show.

Watch an interview with Betsey and Lulu here, and then watch our interview with Betsey at her 70th birthday bash and retrospective, where, by the way, Lulu jumped out of a giant cake for her mama.


MTV Style | Betsey Johnson's Birthday Bash And Retrospective At NYFW

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