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myThread Pavilion by Jenny Sabin.
Photo: Nike Stadium Tumblr

Let's face it. Fashion has its well-manicured hands on just about every conceivable artistic medium there is. And to quote Li Lo à la Mean Girls, "The limit does not exist!" This week, we see designers and artists merge with fashion, delivering a WHOLE new meaning to Art with a capital "A."

Nike Art Installation

Nike unveiled artist Jenny Sabin’s "myThread Pavilion" for the brand's latest installment of its Flyknit Collective. Sabin's installation is inspired by performance and lightness, two ideals of the Nike Flyknit shoe. This thing is a SERIOUS circus of color and we're starting to think Nike's gone all Fantasia on us! {via Hypebeast}

Animated Bunny Accessories

Juuuust in case you weren't already convinced of Susie Bubble's eternal cuteness, check out the stop-motion animation film she posted on her blog. The short, which literally animates Katie Hillier's Spring/Summer '13 accessories line, brings London Fashion Week to a delightfully refreshing close. It also has us belting, "Man, LIFE IS JUST GRAND!" {via Style Bubble}

Ginger Spice On Display

People of the world! Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack platform boots (and plenty of other jaw-droppingly UH-MAZING shoes) are on display at the historic Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in England. From human hair to, er, human quirks (hint: 50 Shades of Grey), the collection features designs both centuries-old and unexpectedly risqué! {via Coco Perez}

Swatch Gets A Tattoo

Swatch recently unveiled its latest collaboration, a limited edition release of watches designed by tattoo artist Tin-Tin and Swiss visual artist Emmanuelle Antille. Drawing inspiration from classic tattoo graphics, each piece is JUST timeless (*ba dum TSH!*).

{via Style Engine}

Louis Vuitton Goes Sci-Fi

Louis Vuitton embarks on a celestial journey for its jewelry collection in new a short film, "Haute Joaillerie," or "High Jewelry." The film is a kaleidoscope of color and sound, and the bass drops just in time for a high-fashion fist pump. {via High Snobiety}

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