Scott Stevenson Stages Sidewalk Runway Show During Fashion Week [Video]

scott stevenson

Scott Stevenson at his fashion show in New York.
Photo: MTV

We can always count on the scene outside the Marc Jacobs show to be a little crazy, but this season the New York Armory was even more of a spectacle than usual, thanks to Scott Stevenson and his impromptu outdoor fashion show. The 24-year-old designer literally hit the streets this month, staging a renegade runway on the sidewalk that took place just as guests were filing out of Marc Jacobs. Inspired by the heat of summer and DIY to the core, Scott's Spring 2013 collection featured sheer blouses, cropped jackets, and conceptual cutout details- what he dubs as a new kind of "summer layering." The concept of a guerilla-style fashion presentation is nothing new, and we really feel that nobody did it better than X-Girl in 1994. In fact, it was Scott's friend Todd Oldham who originally made the comparison. But despite stunts like sewing models into their outfits on the subway ride uptown and planting the presentation directly on the sidewalk, Scott told us his one-man show arose organically out of the need to make a statement without many resources. "It came about from the necessity to create and not having any money to do it."

Fashion's a fast-changing game- there's no "right" way to do it, and Scott's total proof of this. Designer style is already becoming more accessible with shows available online, but as Scott says himself, "there has to be another way for people to appreciate it." Next stop, the street!


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