United Nude Designs Lady Gaga Heels Inspired By Fame Ad Campaign

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Lady gaga wearing her United Nude heels.
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Is there an area of culture that Lady Gaga's Fame perfume launch hasn't touched? We have print ads, short films, ice cream socials, masked galas, and now (drumroll please) shoes. One of the most anticipated parts of each facet of the Fame launch machine is what mama monster will be wearing at any given point and in any given asset, and those of us who have been following it closely have also been combing over each image with a fine tooth comb, because if there's one thing we know about Gaga, it's that her attention to detail. is. exquisite. This leads us to the shoes. Last Friday, Gaga launched Fame with an ice cream party outside of Macy's in New York City's Herald Square. Her entrance, as was expected, was Gaga-grand, and she emerged out of a carriage shaped like a perfume bottle in a black bubble-like dress and a pair of sky high heels which, upon closer inspection, had tiny gold men crawling all over them. Calling to mind the evocative image on her Fame billboard, the small figures were rendered in gold and nearly overtaking the enormous 12-inch platform heel. Who could design such a creation? Why, United Nude, of course.

The shoes will be available for purchase at United Nude flagship stores in London, Paris, and Amsterdam, but we wonder, even if you are brave enough to step out in such sky high footwear, what do you wear it with? Unless, of course, you have a black bubble like dress lying around. While you think about it, watch our interviews with celebs outside of Lady Gaga's Fame gala at the Guggenheim.

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