Fashion Week Gets Witty With Slogan T-Shirt Trend

t-shirts fashion week

T-shirts on the runway at Acne, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Ashish.
Photo: Getty Images

Say what?! Oh, that's just some of our favorite designers channeling their inner wordsmiths on the runway this season. Acne, Phillip Lim, and Ashish clearly had a LOT on their minds for Spring/Summer 2013, with models parading graphic tees down the catwalk...literally giving us a mouthful. We hear that the Acne collection was inspired by Emmylou Harris' cover of "Wrecking Ball," so it makes sense that the clothes repped their country heritage with modified gallon hats and serious denim. Designer Jonny Johansson also paid tribute to the musical backbone with t-shirts stamped with, yes, "MUSIC." There's no denying this message. 3.1 Phillip Lim hit the grunge scene hard in the label's NYC show, showing layers on layers on layers of sheers, sparkles, and prints. But what we loved most about the downtown edge of the collection HAD to be the designer's "I <3 Nueva York" tees (complete with an upside-down heart). The tourist shop staple has never looked so cool.

Then, there's Ashish. The London-based designer might sometimes make us scratch our heads and say "huh?," but then again, this crazy unpredictability is exactly what keeps us so obsessed. We know we can count on him to serve up some seriously awesome slogans (just check out his Topshop collab if you're skeptical), but he really outdid himself this time around with sequined slogans reading "I'M SERIOUS", "TRES FATIGUE" and more. Genius.

t-shirts fashion week

Graphic tees from Ashish x ASOS, Blood Is The New Black, and Wildfox.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS, Blood Is The New Black, and Wildfoxs

The designer versions won't come out for a few months, but here's the good news: there are about a million ways to hop onboard this slogan tee train early. Everyone from Forever 21 to Topshop has their own cheeky selection, but we've rounded up a few of our favorites above. If you're willing to splurge, you really can't get any more kitschy-glam than this beaded number from Ashish x ASOS, priced at $225. But indie label Blood Is The New Black has a cool, affordable alternative with its "More Fun In '91!" top...and who's going to argue with that motto!? Lastly, you can channel Phillip Lim's international inspiration with Wildfox's "Buon Giorno" t-shirt. Sure, being clever is always in fashion. But thanks to this major trend, scoring witty one-liners suddenly got a LOT easier.

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