Elizabeth Olsen Wears ASOS And Topshop To 'Liberal Arts' Premiere

Elizabeth Olsen at the 'Liberal Arts' premiere in New York (left) and her leather skirt from ASOS.
Photo: Getty Images/ Courtesy of ASOS

Here's the thing about Elizabeth Olsen. The actress (and younger sis of MK&A) quite literally has fashion in her blood, whether she's working it in her sisters' labels or in goods from Mulberry, Chanel, or Pucci. But it's a true testament to her effortless, casual style that Lizzy looks just as awesome in accessible (read: affordable) basics as she does in these red carpet looks. Along with gracing the cover of ASOS magazine, this is the girl who makes denim cutoffs, ratty t-shirts and head scarves look stylish, after all. So it shouldn't come as TOO much of a surprise, then, that the 23-year-old is totally gorgeous at the New York premiere of her new flick Liberal Arts... NOT decked out in designer, but instead wearing two of our favorite fast fashion labels. She looks ladylike in a leather pencil skirt from ASOS paired with a white Topshop blazer and classic strappy sandals. Who knew? It IS possible to score a movie premiere outfit for less than $300.

Elizabeth Olsen in New York (left) and her Topshop blazer.
Photo: Getty Images/ Courtesy of Topshop

She might pull off Chanel frocks and pink hair like nobody's business, but we're betting you probably won't catch the youngest Olsen toting one of her sisters' super expensive backpacks anytime soon. As a real-life college kid, she's all about minimalist chic, and that means rewearing outfits. She first sported the white Topshop blazer several days before the film premiere, out and about in NYC. Look even closer and you'll see that she's even wear the exact same sandals that she wore on the red carpet...and she looks equally cute on both occasions. Olsens: they're just like us?

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