Eyes In Electric Colors And Crimped Hair Are Our Top New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Oy, Fashion Week. There's so much to pay attention to when you're out and about at the shows that sometimes it feels like your neck is going to snap from how fast you're looking from one thing to the next, but that's part of the excitement of it all, right?! *Rubs neck and grimaces* There was a lot to look at this season, but we kept finding ourselves gravitating away from the clothes and up to the hair and makeup, and there were two trends that spoke to us in particular. It's not THAT surprising that we loved these two looks, because both were also very popular when we were in our fashion coming-of-age/experimentation phase, also known as middle school. We're talking, of course, about crimped hair and bright eyeshadow. While for a long time after our youth we scorned at both of these looks, deeming them nerdy and passe, enough time has gone by (*clutches walker*) that they're starting to look fresh again. It might also be that now we're grownups and have more of a grasp on the rest of our fashion game, so we would know better than to pair either of these with, say, JNCO jeans or really puffy bangs (which should never come back, just saying). Get your crimping tools hot and your eyeshadow brush fluffed, and let's go!

Crimped Hair

Cute crimped styles that are nothing like middle school at Timo Weiland, Betsy Johnson, and Mara Hoffman.
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We're always tempted by the "stylers" in the drugstore. You know the ones, they're like combination straightener, curler, crimper, and then there are a bunch of other plates that you can switch in and out to do who knows what to your locks? We've avoided them up until now (and are unhealthily attached to our beloved ghd styler), but the runways have made us think we might have to invest in an extra tool. We saw crimped hair at Betsey Johnson, Mara Hoffman, and Timo Weiland, and we have to say, we love it. This look only works on already straight locks, we think, although it might be weird and cool (or a disaster) to try and crimp your curls. We especially love Timo's version, where the crimped hair comes as a surprise in a long, thick braid. Since it's not all in your face, the crimping is more subtle, like an extra flourish rather than a whole, bold look. We also love the idea of pairing crimped hair with a matching outfit in mixed textures, so that the concept is kept consistent in both beauty and fashion.

Bright Eyeshadow

Bright eyeshadow was shown from Alice + Olivia, Nanette Lepore and Rebecca Minkoff.
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Back in seventh grade, we were experimenting with makeup. I remember I got the privilege of rummaging through the ELLE magazine beauty closet (my mom was one of their writers at the time), and came out with a giant haul of all things sparkly, shimmery, and colorful. I also recall that at that same time my best friend had perfected (or so we all thought) her beauty game, and consistently rocked the following look: super tight pony tail, pale metallic blue eyeshadow, and lip gloss, of course (probably fruit flavored). We thought she was the coolest girl, and I always remember being jealous of how cool her lids looked. Looking back on it, of course, we laugh, and that blue eyeshadow has been long abandoned, but after seeing the runways at Rebecca Minkoff and Nanette Lepore, and getting up close and personal with the models at Alice + Olivia's presentation, we're feeling like maybe it should come back into rotation. Rebecca Minkoff went with the most subtle look, putting pops of solid color on the inner corners of the lash line for a surprising effect. Alice + Olivia painted eyes with a thick, colored cat-eye in shades of electric blue, pure white, and orange. Nanette Lepore swept shimmering, jewel toned shadow over the entirety of the lid, from the lash line to the brow bone. We think the most wearable option is the cat-eye, but this is one look you can experiment with however you please. And don't worry, your middle school days are far behind you.

Would you wear crimped hair or colored liner?


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