Lady Gaga Tattoos Her Head At Gala For Fame Fragrance

Lady Gaga being tattooed last night at her gala for Fame.
Photo: Little Monsters

Yesterday at around 7 PM, we watched Lady Gaga pull up to the Guggenheim Museum atop her convertible Rolls Royce, staring stoically at the crowd of adoring fans and ravenous photographers. We were all there for her masquerade gala, at which the final version of Steven Klein's short film about her debut fragrance, Fame, would be shown and word had it that Gaga would do something, although whether she would perform was still unknown. As she quickly rushed past the crush of flashbulbs and the shouts of "Gaga!" we caught a look at her gorgeous velvet Prabul Gurung gown, and were told that "that will be the last time you see her tonight." Inside the museum, party-goers were greeted by a sleeping Gaga inside of her perfume's bottle, and were permitted, through a hole in the bottle, to reach inside and touch her. She later emerged, revealing her half-shaved head (which was done in honor of Terry Richardson's mother, who lost her life to cancer recently). Mama monster then proceeded to have said shaved head TATTOOED in front of the awestruck crowd. See a photo of the tattoo after the jump!

Lady Gaga's new head tattoo.
Photo: Little Monsters

The ink, which covers a good portion of the lower back of Lady Gaga's scalp, is an image of a cherub.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's scalp tattoo?

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