Jeremy Scott's Spring 2013 Shows Python, Fitteds, And Burqas [Video]

Jeremy Scott

Looks from the Jeremy Scott Spring 2013 fashion show.
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The late-'80s and '90s are alive and well for Jeremy Scott's SS 2013 collection that was inspired by "The Arab Spring." While some of the looks covered faces and torsos, the religious garb was stylized to the point of camp, with swaths of fabric either featuring sequins arranged in an animal print or being entirely see-through. Similarly, the militaristic aspects of the conflagration of civil uprisings and political turmoil that have raged in the Arab world since late 2010 have blessedly not been interpreted literally. It was definitely a more "Janet circa Rhythm Nation" sort of affair.

Fitted hats were oversized and out of them swung swishy, thick braids. Boots were over-the-knee and were slick, embossed or animal print and very much reminiscent of Julia Roberts as a "safety girl." There were embroidered, curlicue metallic accents to high-waisted flared trousers and the same swirly motif became the through-line for the louche, decadent prints that gave off a retro Hermes-meets-Versace vibe. The music was similarly nostalgic, percussive, and bodacious running through Aaliyah and fellow adidas collaborator Missy Elliott's hardest hits (Timbaland 4EVA).

Look from the Jeremy Scott Spring 2013 fashion show.
Photo: Getty Images

The pastiche of texture was notable as well. Jeremy masterfully sequenced a variety of surfaces from the sticky sheen of patent leather to the stiff variegated python of the baseball jerseys as well as a tall column of mesh in a tank dress. As usual, the designer kindly made time with us to kiki about the changing seasons, how media continues to inspire his work, and how he could never be mad at fans who create DIY bootlegs of his iconic style.


MTV Style | Jeremy Scott Talks Spring 2013 Collection At NYFW

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