How To Get Two Makeup Looks Inspired By Stars On The 2012 VMA Red Carpet [Video]

Rashida Jones had sweet, soft lips and Miley Cyrus had long, lux lashes at the VMAs.
Photo: Getty

We've all been there: you're watching your favorite stars on the VMA red carpet, taking notes on their dresses, their hair, and their makeup, and scheming about how you're going to incorporate those looks into your everyday life. You get all the necessary equipment, set yourself up in front of your mirror and then...failure. Not all of us are trained makeup artists, and said artists are trained (and in demand) for a reason--makeup is hard, and even the simplest things require some special knowledge to do REALLY well. For this reason, we consulted makeup artist Amy Nadine, of The Beauty Department, and asked her if she could share some of her expert knowledge with us on some of our fave looks from the VMAs red carpet. Focusing on sweet, soft lips, and long, luxurious lashes, Amy obliged us heartily, and we're feeling a lot more confident in front of our mirrors these days. Check out Amy Nadine's video tutorials on bold lips and full lashes after the jump!

MTV Style | Get The Look 2012 VMA: Soft Lip

MTV Style | Get The Look 2012 VMA: Full Lashes

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