Lady Gaga Debuts Shaved Head In Honor Of Terry Richardson's Mom

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga shaves head in honor of Terry Richardson's late mom.
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WAIT. Halt the Fashion Week presses just one good gosh darn minute! Lady Gaga has hopped on the shaved head train, and we just HAVE to talk about it. That's because this isn't just some another iteration of the freshly shorn, vaguely Skrillex-esque steez that has become so popular with music's hottest ladies, it's a tonsorial update in memoriam of the late, great mother of Terry Richardson, celebrity photographer and dear friend of Mother Monster.

The shocking haircut is a very touching tribute, and with Gaga's major star power, it gets a lot of people talking and remembering the animated woman behind one of the most iconic photographers in the game today. The new 'do itself is a bit of a reverse mullet, for lack of a more "official" name, but even Gaga herself describes it as "glamour in the front," and well, y'know, this in the back. What do you guys think of Lady Gaga's new hairstyle?

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