Pamela Love Opts For Pop-Up Tattoo Shop (With A Killer Playlist!) Instead Of Presentation For NYFW

Pamela Love NYFW

Tattoo artist Minka Sicklinger and a guest at Pamela Love's pop-up tattoo shop.
Photo: Courtesy of Julia Schwemmer/Pamela Love

Jewelry designer Pamela Love isn't one to follow the crowd, which is why we've always loved her. Unlike last season's steampunk jewelry presentation, Pamela decided to something a little more daring for this NYFW show—opening up a pop-up tattoo shop to get her designs permanently inked on your skin. She and her hubby (illustrator Matthew Jameson Nelson Love) created custom flash-sheets from which people can choose their designs. The tattoos are then applied by artists Minka Sicklinger and Patrick “Fish” King to members of the fash industry who are willing to go the extra mile in between Lincoln Center shows. So, why did she opt for something so permanent instead of her usual presentation? "Tattoos and jewelry are very similar, they are both decorative adornments for the body that often have deep meaning to the individual," Pamela said in a press release. "Jewelry is very personal, it is something that you can wear every day and after a while the pieces you wear most feel like they’ve become a part of you. Getting a tattoo is a logical extension of that idea. It’s something you can carry with you forever."

Pamela Love NYFW

A look inside Pamela Love's pop-up tattoo parlor.
Photo: Courtesy of Julia Schwemmer/Pamela Love

The cool part is that inside the parlor, Pamela Love partnered with Nokia Music (which streams music online for free) to create a custom playlist that you can listen to even when you're NOT getting tatted up! Check out her killer tunes below (um, Santigold and Best Coast? Yes, please!), and go here to listen to the entire set for yourself.

Pamela Love's playlist:

Santigold | Disparate Youth

Leonard Cohen | I'm Your Man

Gogol Bordello | Occurrence On The Border (Hopping On A Pogo-Gypsy Stick)

Bruce Springsteen | ew York City Serenade

Devendra Banhart | Baby

The War On Drugs | Taking The Farm

Crazy Horse | I Don't Want To Talk About It

The Streets | Weak Become Heroes

Buffalo Springfield | For What It's Worth

Neil Young | Old Man

Lou Reed | Walk On The Wild Side

Thrice | Trust

Jackson Browne | Running On Empty

Lykke Li | I'm Good, I'm Gone

Dirty Projectors | Bitte Bitte Orca

Beirut | Nantes

Dead Meadow | Rocky Mountain High

Yeasayer | Ambling Alp

glassjaw | Siberian Kiss

Thin Lizzy | Jailbreak

Fiona Apple | Paper Bag

Gogol Bordello | When The Trickster Starts A-Pokin' (Bordello Kind Of Guy)

Best Coast | The Only Place

Jackson Browne | Stay

Neil Young | Harvest Moon

Fiona Apple | Fast As You Can

Jackson Browne | Take It Easy

The Streets | Blinded By The Lights

Violent Femmes | Blister In The Sun

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