Rihanna Throws One-Of-A-Kind Jeremy Scott Sunglasses Into The Crowd At The VMAS

Rihanna performing in Jeremy Scott's M16 sunglasses on the VMAs.
Photo: Getty

What began as a typical performance flourish quickly turned into big time fashion drama when Rihanna took to the stage at the 2012 VMAs wearing a one of a kind sample of Jeremy Scott's Spring/Summer 2013 M16 sunglasses, but left without them, having tossed them into the crowd. The designer, who is showing his collection, inspired by the middle east and called "Arab Spring," at New York Fashion Week this Wednesday, took to twitter, confirming that "YES THOSE WERE [his] 24K GOLD M16 SHADES THAT RIHANNA WORE TO OPEN THE VMAs," and then imploring fans for their return by saying, " IF UR DA1 WHO CAUGHT EM PLZ GIVE EM BACK !"

For reference, Scott included a picture of Rihanna wearing the shades on the awards show. The tweet sparked some conversation across the web, not least of all from Lindsay Lohan, who asked the designer via twitter, "where are mine!!!" Scott graciously responded that he is "DEBUTING EM ON THE RUNWAY WED AT MY FASHION SHOW ! THEN U CAN ROCK EM DARLIN LINZ ! XXX " Now, when we knew that Ri had thrown a pair of Jeremy Scott sunnies into the crowd at fashion week we were bummed, but when we heard they were they only pair that he would have on the runway this week, we were downright devastated.

There's a happy ending to this story, don't worry. The next day, a fan of the VMAs named Gavin Carden tweeted a photo of himself holding the sunglasses close to the camera, with the accompanying tweet, "You mean these?" Scott replied excitedly, "OMG YOU FOUND THEM !?! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !!! I NEED THEM AS IM SHOWING THEM IN MY SHOW ON WED AND THAT IS MY ONLY SAMPLE !!!"Can you imagine how relieved the designer must be? He couldn't be reached to fill us in on whether or not the glasses would be making it back to him in time for fashion week, but I guess we'll just have to wait until we're in our seats at Jeremy's show on Wednesday to find out for sure. You can bet we'll let you know as soon as we see 'em.

If you had caught Rihanna's VMA performance sunglasses and knew someone needed them back, would you return them?

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