Diane Von Furstenberg Showcases Google Glass On Spring 2013 Runway

Models strutted their stuff in Google's futuristic glasses at NYFW.
Photo: Getty

The future is nearly here, and we got to take a glimpse into it at Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week today. Google has been slowly but surely giving us more information on their mysterious Project Glass for a while now, but there are many questions left unanswered, and for a lot of people who aren't diehard tech junkies, this might be their first look at the project within a larger context. First, a little more info: Google Glass is a device that's worn much like a pair of glasses, and might one day even be able to be worn attached to a pair of prescription shades or sunnies, that functions much like an iPhone or digital camera but is totally hands free. At the end of her runway show today, DVF herself was wearing the device, and could be seen mouthing "I'm filming you" to the lovely people in the front row (which included Sarah Jessica Parker and Bravo's Andy Cohen) as she took her bow accompanied by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Honestly, though, we're not entirely sure how the glass works, and neither, it seems, are fans of both the glass and DVF, who, when the designer posted photos taken with it to her Google+ page, kept asking about the user interface. Do you talk to it, like Apple's Siri? CAN IT READ YOUR MIND? What we do know is that it takes pretty great photos, and the designer and her staff have been using both the photo and video functions to record on the runway and off, to be released as a short film on Thursday September 13th. Check out more photos seen "thruglass" as DVF's hashtag so poetically puts it, after the jump.

A model backstage at DVF in her Google Glass.
Photo: DVF Google+

Lest we forget, there were also the clothes. DVF is known for creating simple, wearable pieces that are as comfortable as they are classic, and this season's collection was no different. with a color palette that ranged from bright, creamy pastels; electrified neons; bright whites; and pure, primary blues, the designer stuck in breathable, flowing fabrics and ultra feminine silhouettes, although they were not without their twists. Favorite looks included an all over black and white polka dot suit with the unexpected addition of a matching blouse in a sheer fabric, breaking up the otherwise completely matched pieces in a lovely way, and a color blocked romper in shades of cream, aqua and watermelon pink. Perhaps the most eye catching piece of the show, however, was a beautifully draped champagne colored gown, the fabric of which was woven through with a shimmering, iridescent blue that made it look both space aged and like something one would find beneath the surface of a bioluminescent ocean. This mixture of the everyday--light fabrics, natural silhouettes, breezy colors--and the ultra-modern--luminescent textiles, clean lines, color blocking, and bold accessories--played the perfect complement to the austere, techy luxury of the Google Glass. While the jury's still out on whether the device is going to become as ubiquitous and essential as one of Von Furstenberg's own wrap dresses, though, and so we'll just have to wait and see.

Models backstage at DVF, shot through Google Glass.
Photo: DVF's Google+

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