Alexander Wang Shows Cut-Outs And Glow-In-The-Dark Designs For Spring 2013

Cut-out looks from Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Alexander Wang is a notorious boundary-pusher in fashion and consumate showman. Remember his last New York Fashion Week presentation? Not only did he have top models like Gisele B√ľndchen and one-time House of Style host Shalom Harlow closing out the show, but he also showcased a new collection of clothes that dared to take materials to places they don’t often go (i.e. leather bubble vests, mesh turtlenecks that extend up to the nose, etc.). You’d think there was no way to top a show as shockingly austere or as entertaining. And then you watch this Spring 2013 showing. WOW.

Glow-in-the-dark looks from Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

With names like A$AP Rocky and Die Antwoord sitting in your front row and Kanye West tweeting that he’s “watching” you, you KNOW you have to go HAM on the new collection. And that’s exactly what Alexander Wang did. The hard lines of last season were carried over to spring/summer with the same particularity and mathematical precision. Rather than “Contagion chic,” the new collection is a kind of sporty-meets-alien mash-up with raglan-esque shapes and panelling and irridescent reptilian textures. There were even a few futuristic baseball helmet-looking hats!

Most remarkable, though, were the boundaries Wang pushed with the construction of this collection. There were cut-outs EVERYWHERE but not in the triangular oblique iterations we’ve grown so fond of, especially during August’s dog days. Alexander Wang takes self-striping to the extreme, seemingly eliminating every silhouetting seam for a look that reads like the garments are made up of many free-standing pieces, like they’re rendered into completion by sheer virtue of fashion tape and magic. On top of all the mind boggling cut-out experimentation, Wang closed his show with a group of models who appeared at first glance to be wearing all-white. Rather than walking the perimeter of Wang’s X-shaped runway, they each hit different marks around the room, were spotlighted, and then the room went pitch black. Well, almost. The lighting change revealed that these last pieces were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK. Some even TWO-TONE. *cue total mind melt and head spinning off and into space like a Roman candle* Well, played, sir. Well. Played.

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