VMA 2012: Red Carpet Fashion Live Blog!

7:58 PM — ACK, it's show time, y'all!!! Gotta run inside to catch Rihanna and A$AP hit the stage!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:52 PM — Katy Perry adds another epic TRAIN to the night's red carpet count with her hair looooong and black. Very goth pretty.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:45 PMNicki Minaj just hit the red carpet in a sparkly black lace bodysuit. Skin-tight, naturally, with red JEWELZ in geometric detailing. Also, she's wearing a police cap.


Rihanna on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:42 PM — Rihanna pulls off sweet and sexy in this CRISP white floor-length number. Major Halle Berry vibes.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:41 PM — In fascinating hair news, I am LOVING Alicia Keys' blunt bob and her asymmetrical, drapey olive gown.

Riff Raff

Riff Raff on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:40 PM — OMG it's one of my favorite parts of the internet: Riff Raff! What a genius. And he's flooded in all sorts of MTV shine!

Sammi Sweetheart

Sammi Sweetheart on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:27 PM — Sammi's wearing a sweet black and gold Julia Clancey strapless mini with a row of bows. She says that she's excited to debut her workout clothing collection at fashion week.

7:23 PM — Haha. The cast of Jersey Shore almost took out Buzzworthy's Tamar.

7:21 PM — Oh snap! Jessica Szohr loved my outfit. She's in all black with an animal print headband.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:20 PM — 2 Chainz is wearing wearing a Givenchy hat to match his Givenchy locket and Medusa head velvet slip ons. The studs on his jacket are GLITTERING.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:13 PM — Miley and her new hair are here in a plunging neckline Pucci. She has a TRAIN on her sleek black dress.


Ke$ha on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:08 PM — Additional reporting on that Kesha dress from our own beautiful Holland Roden who looks incredible in a nude knee-length confection.

7:06 PM — You guys! Kesha is here and she looks AMAZING. Gone is the dirt, face painting and mussed hair. She's sleek, elegant and wearing a black floral lace overlaid mini dress of her own design. It took her two weeks to create it!


Alexander in pink on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:05 PM — Plus, this is a thing that is happening.

7:04 PM — Also, you wouldn't believe Pauly's hair IRL!

Vinny Guadagnino

Vinny Guadagnino on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

7:03 PM — You're from the style blog? This is why I do it! Vinny on his retro '50s rag and rolled denim, loafer and popped collar look.

6:57 PM — Amber and Wiz are here in matching black. She's in an OHMYGOTH elegant sequined peek-a-boo floor length dress and guess what! She's showing her baby bump. Dad's in a high-water slim line suit and booties with buckles.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa's shoes on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

The Wanted

The Wanted on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

6:54 PM — All the wanted boys are in Tommy Hilfiger and they look dapper. Plus, I shook their hands like a freakshow spinster Stan and I liked it.

6:41 PM — It's Mac Miller in distressed, studded, paint-splattered denim. Do love an awards show Canadian Tux!

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

6:40 PM — Just saw our host Kevin Hart. He's got way more fashgumption than yours truly, he's wearing leather!

Rita Ora

Rita Ora on the 2012 VMA red carpet.
Photo: MTV

6:36 PM — Whatever. No one's looking at me! Oooooh speaking of which it's Rita Ora in the most intense jewel encrusted custom made Pucci! Pluuuunging neckline. Cartier jewelry. Louboutin shoes. So cute. Also, nicest girl ever.

6:35 PM — Way too hot out. Changing back into work clothes. Breezy unflattering drop crotch situation.

6:20 PM — Oh snap. Yeah, the dress is Kitty Grace.

6:18 PM — For anyone asking or for anyone who sees me on the stream, this dress was pulled by the lovely stylist Rose Garcia. She is actually my friend first and my stylist friend who calls in favors at my behest because I show up at her house with a bottle of rose and cry.

6:11 PM — LOL wearing neoprene in eighteen thousand degree weather.

5:49 PM — Regret hot Cheetos because 'itis clashes with neoprene.

5:46 PM — Eat hot Cheetos. This is customary for people who have to climb into tiny dresses in mere hours.

3:51 PM — OMG it's VMA! Can't wait to announce our House of Style hosts tonight among many, many other things (like, Um hi One Direction is here... om nom #INAPPROPRIATE)!

VMA Red Carpet Live Blog

The 2012 VMA red carpet!
Photo: Via @MTV's Instagram

Dudes, it's go time. The 2012 VMAs are mere hours away, and we've been watching the red carpet livestream for-EVER to get pumped up for all those big arrivals. We can't wait to see what some of our favorite artists/celebs/MTV stars will wear when they walk that double-decker carpet all the way into the Staples Center, and luckily, we have MTV.com red carpet host Holland Roden to guide us through all the fash-amazingness. Like, will Nicki Minaj wear ER attire for a second year in a row? Will Lil Wayne show up shirtless again? Only time will tell, my friends, but until then we're keepin' our eye GLUED to MTV.com's livestream starting at 6 P.M. EST. Be sure to check back right here for all the red carpet updates throughout the night, and we'll guarantee you a grand ol' time. ;)


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