Lil Wayne Talks Trukfit And Supra Collaboration At Project MAGIC [Video]

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne talks about his Trukfit line and Supra collaboration at Project MAGIC.
Photo: MTV

Lil Wayne may claim to have never meant to become "a fashion dude," but anyone with the audacity and--erm--cojones to pull off a neon fanny pack and trapper hat at the same time, let alone women's leopard print pants is surely poised for style greatness. Now, the notoriously shirtless 2012 VMA performer sits at the helm of his own Trukfit streetwear label and a forthcoming shoe collaboration with Supra. Weezy launched his skate sneaker range at this year's Project MAGIC Las Vegas fashion trade show where we chatted with him about his burgeoning fashion empire. More on what he had to say about his debut shoe design, the OG meaning of "trukfit," and what he thinks of his personal style in our exclusive video interview after the jump!

Lil Wayne's Supra "Chimera" collaboration shoes.
Photo: MTV

Wayne explained that, while the details of his sneaker deal were under wraps for a while, the collaboration was almost inevitable. "I was rocking Supras before I knew what they were," he told MTV News's Rahman Dukes, "It was just a mutual respect on each end." Getting a sneak peek at the shoe, it's pretty evident that this isn't your average sneaker. "It's not a shoe that you look at and then say, 'Yea, that's your normal shoe,'" Weezy explains,"You definitely look at it and it's a love or hate shoe. And I believe that, me, I'm an either love or hate person. Period." The shoe has ridges and wings in places you wouldn't expect, toeing an uncharted middle ground between skate shoes and basketball sneakers. Obviously, Wayne likes the shoe or he wouldn't push it out under his name, and he defends its unique structure saying, "I like the fact that it looks like a whole bunch of shoes in one when it is one original concept."

The idea of many-in-one was something Supra ran with, choosing "Chimera" as the Wanye collab's name. Weezy unpacked the meaning for us, "The Chimera... It's an unusual animal of the imagination. It has a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail." A WHAT?? Sure, it sounds weird, but it's totally fitting and awesomely head-turning, just like these shoes and Wayne himself. "I believe that it sort of explains my style," Wanye added, "My style is kinda everywhere. Lion head, goat body, serpent tail, whatever you wanna call it. That's what the Chimera's about." Along with all the Supra talk, we got Weezy to talk about the original meaning of "trukfit"--a New Orleans term that he's redefining with his clothing line--but we'll let him tell you himself. Check it out in the video below and don't forget to watch Lil Wayne perform at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and!


MTV Style | Lil Wayne Talks Supra And Trukfit At Project MAGIC

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