Would You Wear A Cheeseburger Backpack?

Cheeseburger Backpack

Would you wear Eastpak's Hungry Henry cheeseburger backpack?
Photo: Courtesy of Eastpak

Backpacks are BIG right now. Not, like, physically, but as a trend. We're not sure if it's just because of back-to-school season or if maybe The Row's pricey alligator one was the sparkplug for a larger movement, but whatever the reason, the scholastic carry-all is a big deal this season and one we're certainly not fighting with. What's up for discussion here today is the cheeseburger photo print rocking all over this Eastpak. We want to know what you think: is it a yay or is it a nay?

Personally (and we know that loading a question with our own opinion is a total no-no for this, but sorry we're not sorry because we're doing it anyway), we're kind of into the cuisine-themed graphic. I mean, when the worlds of cheeseburgers and nail art collided, we could do little to keep from totally losing it (in the best way) over the juxtaposition of crackle polish and juicy burger innards. Just THINK of how excited we are about being able to work that into every outfit AND bring picture-perfect burger joy to the masses. But we also know we might be alone here.

So, faithful readers, let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook. Would you wear this cheeseburger backpack? What about the other offerings of Eastpak's "Hungry Henry" collection? Are you more of a messenger bag person? Or what about this handy crossbody? And finally, is working a burger bag with a french fry print sweater taking it too far?

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