Emma Watson Shows Versatility On October Cover Of US And UK 'Glamour' Magazines

Emma Watson

Emma Watson on the covers of "Glamour" and "Glamour UK" magazines.
Photo: Courtesy of Glamour/Glamour UK

It's extremely rare for one fashion superstar to cover TWO international issues of the same magazine in one month, and yet lo and behold, here's Emma Watson killing it on both the US and UK October 2012 issues of Glamour magazine. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star pulls cover girl double-duty, but somehow manages to carry two entirely different styles and personas for the US and UK glossies all while giving great face. WERQUE, gurl!

Long gone are the days of knowing Emma as "that girl from the Harry Potter movies," Miss Watson VERSATILE, y'all, and she's hammering the point home with these doubled-up Glamour covers. Just as easily as she can bounce from '90s varsity style in Perks to L.A. luxe in The Bling Ring, Em moves effortlessly from a little rough-around-the-edges in her US Glamour cover spread to refined and ladylike for Glamour UK.

In the stateside issue, Watson wears a lacy Nina Ricci dress with exposed Stella McCartney bra straps, chunky Salvatore Ferragamo baubles, charcoal eyeliner all the way around her peepers, and piecey California King Bed-head. Then, she pulls a 180 for UK outlet, slinking into a gorgeous, navy blue, floor-length Zac Posen gown (and a GRIP more dramatic feminine numbers) with natural, minimal makeup and a chic but not fussy updo. Which of Emma Watson's Glamour magazine cover looks do you like best?

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