Will Lil Wayne Go Shirtless (Again) For His 2012 VMA Performance?

Lil Wayne VMA performance outfit

Lil Wayne performing at the 2008 VMAs and 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, HAI. Surprise! Lil Wayne is performing at the 2012 VMAs! He joins the INCREDIBLE roster of artists announced so far (Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Frank Ocean, just to name a few), but of course we have one question foremost on our minds—what will he wear? Well, judging by the last two times he performed at the Video Music Awards, not much! At the 2008 show, he managed to strip down to just his white jeans, barcode-printed belt, black high-top Supras, and, erm, navy Polo Ralph Lauren undies. Despite his shirtless top half, he still managed to accessorize to the max with double platinum diamond chains and oversized sunnies.

Just last year, Lil Wayne managed to repeat his shirtless on-stage ensemble, but this time he went for a fun pair of Tripp NYC leopard-print skinnies and studded red and yellow Vans. (You miiighhht remember that these were actually girl jeans because we did an entire post raving about it. YUP.) He, again, showed off his blue Polo Ralph Lauren underwear (brand devotion!) and accessorized with a white Louis Vuitton belt, stacked studded bracelets, a diamond cross necklace, and a blue watch. We know Lil Wayne typically pulls his top off during his performances (why does this sound so naughty?), but do you think he'll do it again for the 2012 VMAs? Let us know in the comments below!

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