Shop The Closets Of Mia Moretti, Cory Kennedy, Dannijo And More With New E-Commerce Site

Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti.
Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever been dying to raid the wardrobe of your favorite model, musician or DJ, then get excited--we've just found your chance. A new website called MaterialWrld aims to take the goods off these style setters' hands...and put them into yours. Launching today, this online shopping hub is stocked with clothing, shoes, and accessories from a curated community of "It" girls, all of whom want to clean out their closets. Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, it totally isn't! Here's how it works: everyone from Mia Moretti to Cory Kennedy to the Dannijo sisters share photos of items they want to get rid of and post them online with the selling price. Categorized by "closet" (who's selling the pieces), size, or style, you can buy the item just as you'd normally shop online. But then again, this ISN'T your average e-commerce-- MaterialWrld has a unique social media twist, which is exactly what makes it so awesome.


Mia Moretti's shoppable closet on MaterialWrld.
Photo: Courtesy of MaterialWrld

While many of the items on the site are up for grabs, sometimes you just want to see what the world thinks about your new vintage find or favorite pair of shoes. This is where the "Show Off Your Style" feature comes in, an Instagram-inspired heart button that ranks the pieces by popularity (warning: you might become a littleee jealous of all the great stuff). And the cool part is, you don't even have to be an "It" girl or blog star to sell your stuff, either--once you post a few photos and gain enough hearts, anyone can get in on the action. MaterialWrld will be rolling out new items constantly with new fashion "tastemakers" joining each week, so be one of the first to buy and sell stuff here! Now that it's September, there's really no better time for a closet overhaul...and an excuse to go shopping.

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