Solange Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Her 'Losing You' Teaser [VIDEO]


Solange on the set of her "Losing You" teaser video.
Photo: MTV

Here at MTV Style, it's pretty clear that we unabashedly LOVE Solange. Honestly, we can't get enough of her. Sure, she's already a very busy girl, fronting Madewell for fall, sitting front row at New York Fashion Week, blogging outfits for Vogue UK, and you know, being a MOM, but we're always hungry for more, especially when it crosses her immaculate fashion sense with her MUSIC. She's been a kind of go-to DJ for her fair share of fashion parties, but Solange has refrained from making music of her own for the past four or so years. That's why when we caught wind that our MTV Style patron saint would be releasing her first album since 2008's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, we immediately glued our ears to the ground for every subsequent update.

Solange's latest music project is a brand new album called Losing You, brought to the world thanks to a helping production hand from Dev Hynes a.k.a. Blood Orange (as if this thing couldn't get any better, AMIRITE???). Our massive, throbbing girl crush on Solange led us smack in the middle of her Losing You teaser video shoot in artist Mickalene Thomas's beautiful Brooklyn studio, enveloped by a detailed set designed by Thomas herself and going all cartoon wolf-eyes for the racks on racks on racks of sartorial deliciousness - Suno and Kenzo and DVF, oh my!


Solange's "Losing You" teaser video suck and blow cast.
Photo: Courtesy of Solange's Blog

In the video, Solange and her friends (including Dev on the far right who opens the vid!) lounge around Mickalene's set on mixed pattern upholstered furniture, playing a friendly game of "Suck and Blow." We chatted with Solange and the teaser video's director Alan Del Rio Ortiz about the shoot concept which was apparently inspired by the '90s classic Clueless and mined for more deets on the short's gorgeous wardrobe.

Solange herself wears a DVF BOLD printed suit with pink, patent, patterned boots (try saying that three times fast!) by Kenzo, a bright statement pout (a beauty look that's becoming a kind of signature for Sol), and her hair BIG and curly in epic Diana Ross fashion. The rest of the "Suck and Blow" cast is outfitted in an artful hodge podge of Opening Ceremony and J.Crew (wonder how the new face of Madwell got that hook-up *wink*), lots of color, lots of prints, and each with a fair share of metallic accents. The setting and wardrobe all simultaneously draw from several different eras (magic 8-balls, a hardcover copy of Roots, a Donna Summer 8-track) in a way that, on paper, seems all over the place, but visually, is brain-pettingly awesome. See it all for yourself in our behind-the-scenes video and of course the actual "Losing You" teaser video itself below!


MTV Style | Behind The Scenes Of Solange's 'Losing You' Video Teaser


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