Demi Lovato Kills '90s Grunge Beauty Game

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato kills '90s grunge beauty game.
Photo: Courtesy of @DDLovato's Twitter

Name a beauty look, and we're pretty sure (like, 99.999 REPEATING percent) that Demi Lovato has already has a rap sheet of slaying it on a daily basis. From colored tips to dark eyes with pale lips to straight-out-the-womb natural beauty, Demi is a beauty early-adopter and (with the aid of eyebrows so expertly sculpted they put the Statue of David to shame) WERQUES each trend every. single. time. This self-described "'90s grunge" steez with the one-tone matte complexion and RICH, dark lips is definitely no exception.

The 2012 Video Music Awards pre-show performer recently tweeted this pic of herself with the caption: "In Seattle, rocking a flannel and listening to Nirvana.... #90sgrunge." Our collective Style team response was the usual AUDIBLE GASP followed by at least two full minutes of cooing over the flawless look. Bottle blonde locks with juuuuuust the right amount of subtle curl off-set by dark arched eyebrows and a deep burgundy lip balancing the negative and positive space.

Dark lips are a major trend this season, as we saw at both this year's Met Gala and Katy Perry's goth stage, and it's a beauty game Demi is totally killing. While it's not an entirely new look for Miss Lovato (we've seen her work even more extreme BLACK lipstick before), the total package - and maybe the recent removal of her blue tips?? - is nonetheless breath-taking. CLAPS FOR DEMI, Y'ALL!

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