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US Open Tennis Balls

Creatures of the Wind for US Open.
Photo: Vogue

This week, we’ve seen a sartorial staple--florals--totally reclaimed. And we are just ticklish about it! For this installment of Related Links, we’ve gathered some of our favorite new expressions of the beloved pattern.

Vogue’s Custom Tennis Balls

{via Vogue}

In honor of the US Open, Vogue has commissioned a handful of top designers to create some SERIOUSLY impressive (but hardly aerodynamic) tennis balls. This one to the right, designed by Creatures of the Wind, looks both delicately ambrosial and slightly like our eighth grade science project. Regardless, we are NOT going to be using this masterpiece to cross-court-take-out our frenemies.

Forget 'Blavy,' Meet 'Flomo!'

{via Refinery 29}

Enter the latest edition to our growing fashion vocabulary. 'Flomo,' a portmanteau of floral and camouflage (and our favorite new hybrid pattern), brings together the dainty and the durable. The sweetness of flower petals meets the grit of combat attire and this HYPER-busy pattern has us totally hypnotized.

“WHAAM!” On The Cover Of Garage

{via Show Studio}

Behold pop art in the digital age. Photographer Nick Knight’s cover image for Garage magazine, starring the beautiful Lindsey Wixson, brings flower power to a new extreme. The supermodel’s floral print Comme Des Garcons jacket delivers fiercely feminine polish to the photo’s onomatopoetic punch (say THAT three times fast). Plus, check out at that weaponry.

3-D Florals On The Runway

{via Zimbio}

Zooooomg THIS. The Swedish School of Textiles totally conquered new territory this week at Stockholm Fashion Week. Not to be outdone by an albeit beautiful, slightly Florence Welch-eqsue dress, this model has a floral HALO harnessed to her abdomen. YUP, we're going all cartoon wolf-eyes on this thing. The collection seems to champion mood and texture over practicality, as textile designers are probably wont to do, but WE actually love this piece because it kind of reminds us of when Regina George fractured her spine.

Taylor Swift's Video Dress

{via MTV Buzzworthy}

And finally, it’s no secret that Taylor Swift often fits herself with playfully feminine duds. Since we are just fidgety with excitement for today’s release of the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video, we have to give a nod to T-Swift's DARLING black and yellow daisy-printed dress that we spotted in the vid's sneak preview. She jumps and twirls in the most exuberant display of man-hating we’ve ever seen. Go girl.

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