5 Things We Learned From Avril Lavigne's 'Women's Wear Daily' Interview

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne chatted with "WWD" about Abbey Dawn.
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Hardcore Avril Lavigne fans are stoked for Abbey Dawn's big return to the New York Fashion Week runways this season at Style360. If you don't remember her last show, it was a parade of safety-pins, studs, and skulls (and models who unabashedly put aaaaaall the bass in their walk #sass). Judging from Avril's new Skrillex-channelling 'do and the killer sneak peeks we've gotten from the forthcoming collection, this season is totally poised to one-up the last. In lead-up for her big sophomore show, Women's Wear Daily caught up with the "Wish You Were Here" singer for a short (but informational!) interview from which we extracted a few fashion facts. Here's what we learned!

1.) There's a specific reason Avril favors Kylie Jenner: "Kylie is the edgy one [in the Kardashian family]. I really like her."

2.) She's a long-time veteran of the stud trend: "Studs are accepted more than ever, and we’ve already been playing with skulls and studs for years. Brands like Christian Louboutin are using studs."

3.) Avril sources a lot of fashion inspiration overseas: "When I go to Japan, I do some major shopping. The fashion is completely different. I get a lot of fun ideas, and our team talks about what the trend is and what the [footwear] styles should be. We rock it out."

4.) We're actually seeing a kind of Abbey Dawn 2.0: "Initially, the brand started out as a juniors’ line at Kohl’s, but now it’s at a bit of a higher price point. It’s a lot cooler and better quality."

5.) The "Abbey Dawn girl" could be anyone!: "That’s what Abbey Dawn is about — any girl who wants to express herself and be edgy."

{via Women's Wear Daily}

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