The Blonds Collab With VFiles For '90s-Inspired Sportswear Collection

The Blonds Sport VFiles

Looks from the The Blonds x VFiles collection.
Photo: Via VFiles

Let's talk about The Blonds for a hot second. We're totally ob-sessed with their over-the-top glam, embellished, rhinestone-encrusted, spiked bustier and mini skirt EVERYTHING, but when it comes down to it, we'll probably never, ever get ours hands on that glittery goodness. *sobs* Unfortunately those runway-ready looks are reserved for celebs like Kat Graham and Katy Perry, and us Normie McNormiesons are stuck with that ol' ready-to-wear stuff. But by some crazy stroke of luck, The Blonds collabed with VFiles (you know, the peeps behind V Magazine) and created a collection of *gasp* sportswear that we can totally don on a daily basis. YUS.

The collection includes three '90s-inspired printed pieces made for both ladies AND gents. There's a snapback hat, a tank, and biker shorts that each come in two mirrored, kaleidoscope designs—one with chains and one with spikes (obvi). Honestly, we want every single piece to wear all at once. All over town. Every single day. With platform shoes. And maybe red lipstick. And lots of gold chains. There's only onneeee minor detail that prevents us from doing so—the price! Each piece costs a whopping $230, which is pretty steep if you don't have the funds, but, regardless, we love it, and we TOTALLY appreciate The Blonds' forray into RTW. Can we haz moar plz? Theeenkksss. Snatch up all the pieces on VFiles' shop right this second and, if you want even MORE deets about the collab, head on over to

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