Kim Gordon Is Clearing Out Her Vintage Collection And You Can Take It Off Her Hands!

Designer, musician, and muse Kim Gordon sitting front row at Rodarte.
Photo: Getty

We've all been there: you're over at your most fashionable friend's house, just hanging out, and all of a sudden she says, "hey, I have all these clothes I need to give away, do you want to look through them?" Out come the garbage bags, or the hangers, or the boxes, and onto the bed go all the clothes you've been coveting when you've seen her wearing, ripe for your greedy little hands to pick. We know we've gotten some of our favorite items this way, not to mention by scouring the racks at our favorite vintage and thrift shops, from the carefully curated to the downright dirty. Well now imagine if that fashionable friend was actually one of your all time greatest fashion idols. Imagine if that friend was Kim Gordon, music icon as a member of Sonic Youth, fashion icon as a front row fixture at Rodarte and Marc Jacobs' shows at New York Fashion Week, and perhaps most importantly, fashion designer. Kim was a founder of the legendary clothing line X-Girl, and went on to collaborate with Urban Outfitters, Surface To Air, and others on lines. She is also a fashion maven, and we've always longed to be able to take a peek into her closet. Thanks to Oakland, California vintage retailer Mercy Vintage we get to do way more than that--not only can we take a peek into Kim's closet, but we can take home what we love, too. (Don't worry, the collection will be available online.) The sale starts on September 1, but, thanks to our friends at Refinery29, we have some insider info for you right now!

Kim favors a combination of high fashion, directional pieces and a relaxed, devil may care rock star look, and the pieces available for purchase reflect that. From a utility-inspired tan Mayle dress with white lace detailing to a classic pumpkin colored structured Oscar De La Renta bag, the pieces span styles and designers when taken on their own, but together, you can see echoes of Kim in all of them. Other highlights include an Andrea Pfister heart-shaped purse that's a little Lolita while still being a lot of cool, and a Cosmic Wonder shift dress with the moon emblazoned across the front. Oh also, keep your mitts off the Ann Demeulemeester bone booties--we want those for ourselves.

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