Would You Wear A Sharp Talon Ring?

Sharp Talon Ring

Would you wear a sharp talon ring?
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Have you guys tried that fingernail ring trend yet? It's only been THREE MONTHS since we first told you about it. What are you waiting for already?? Whatever your reason, perhaps this latest sharp talon ring from Nasty Gal will be the proverbial straw to break your gilded and gem-encrusted camel's back! Blurring the lines between jewelry and nail art, Nasty Gal's talon rings (yes, there's another less sharp version!) offer a happy marriage between the two seriously vital style components for just TEN. BUCKS. Zut alors!

It's only natural that from midi and fingertip rings and spiked and studded nail art would evolve these heavy metal fingernail styles. They're definitely eye-catching, fresh, and cutting-edge. AND they totally remind us of those golden Thai "Fan Leb" that Rihanna wore in Coldplay's "Princess of China" music video! Our only aversion is a combination of fears: a fear of our own clumsiness and the inevitable injury that would follow AND a fear of wearing too many at once to the unintended end result of channelling this guy (New Orleans blues great though he may be). Buuuuut not everyone has our sorely unfortunate lack of motor skills, so we want to hear from you! Would you dare to wear a set of these sharp talon rings?

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