Lady Gaga Poses In Front Of Chanel... In Chanel

Lady Gaga Chanel Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga in front of a Chanel store.
Photo: Via Terry Richardon's Diary

We're not going to lie—we were worried about Lady Gaga for a hot minute. After she dyed her hair "Louis Vuitton brown," she was radiating a fresh, girl-next-door vibe that we were definitely not used to. Just when we were thinking this was the end of Mother Mother's outrageous outfit days, she turned up on Terry Richardson's Tumblr wearing the most cuckoo outfit yet—a head-to-toe black Chanel ensemble complete with a feathery bird hood. Yep, Gaga is BAAACk, y'all. *high five* She wore a sharp-shouldered, leather-accented cape attached (somehow) to her skirt and added her signature sky-high platforms, belt, and feathery cap to complete the look. We're going to guess she's channeling a couture bird here because between her winged cape, feather hat, and perched stance, it looks like she's about to take flight. CA-CAW!

Our favorite part, though, is the close-up of Gaga's face on the left. Look at that SMIZE! She's wearing barely any makeup, save her super defined lip liner (is showing your lip liner a thing now? Do we need to talk about this?) and her skin is perfection. We don't know how we'd feel about a feathered hood that encapsulates our entire face, but we have to say Gaga WERKS the look even sans jawline. Um, and in case you didn't notice yet, she's standing in front of a Chanel store WHILE wearing Chanel. We appreciate a gal that isn't afraid to show off her label devotion, so we give this entire photo sesh two hearty thumbs, er, talons, up. What do you think—do you like Gaga's feathery game or is it totally fowl (heh)?

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