Marina & The Diamonds Covers 'Foam' In Retro Pretty Perfection

Marina Diamandis on the cover of 'Foam'.
Photo: Foam magazine's Facebook

When- not if, when- Marina Diamandis enters your life, you'd better make room in your closet AND your iTunes library. The Welsh singer burst upon the music scene a few years ago as Marina & the Diamonds and has stayed busy since, thanks to DIY pop singles like "Obsessions" and "Mowgli's Road." Now with two full-length albums to her name and a headlining tour underway, the 27-year-old songbird has earned a cult following for her music AND her entirely original style. She sports onstage staples like old-school cheerleading jackets, metallic minidresses, and flouncy skirts, conjuring up images of a fashion love child between Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry...if they decided to move to Pleasantville, that is (shout out to Assistant Editor Gaby Wilson for the spot-on style reference!). Marina's been working serious beauty game these days too, rarely seen without bubblegum pink lipstick, major mascara, and her trademark miniature heart on her left cheekbone. So it's only appropriate that she shows off all of this for the October/November issue of Foam magazine.

Marina channels her inner girly girl in the California-cool spread, wearing prim separates like an embellished blue cardigan, vintage silk blouse, and polka dot skirt. It may be lady-like, but don't assume the shoot is straight out of Stepford- she adds plenty of edge with sheer detailing and beauty tricks like cat eyes and Barbie-pink lips. Although many of the clothes may be secondhand, the fashion editors were generous enough to include clothes by emerging designers like EMERSON that we can buy right this second (score!). You can pick up the issue yourself when it hits stands September 11, but for some instant gratification, peep the behind-the-scenes video here!

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