What Will Frank Ocean Wear For His First VMA Performance?

What do you think Frank Ocean should wear to the VMAs?
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Need Supply/A.P.C.

HUGE NEWS today, y’all! Frank Ocean is officially performing at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards! *holds in blood-curdling squeals of glee for fear of permanently wrecking coworkers’ ear drums* That’s right, world: this year’s three-time nominee is joining the 2012 VMA performance roster alongside Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and more, AND this is extra epic for Frankie because (much like the boys of One Direction, this will mark his very first VMA performance. EVER!

As MTV’s Style arm, we’re just as concerned with the silky smooth vocals Frank is expected to lay down on the VMA stage as we are about what exactly Ocean is going to wear. His performance style is characterized by simple ensembles that let his musical brilliance do all the leg work. He verrrrrrry rarely gets behind the mic without his trademark rising sun bandana, so we definitely expect to see that. The rest of Frank’s outfit, however, is a complete toss-up, but we fully intend to take that stab in the dark.

He’s been wearing this two-tone oxford shirt a lot lately, but we’re going to suggest maybe he dress the look up a little bit for the big night with this forest green x metallic silver version we spotted at Need Supply. When he’s not rocking plain white under the button-up, he opts for photo-print graphic t-shirts. We like this A.P.C. astronaut number because it’s, y’know, Moonman festive. Click through for more tee options!

What do you think Frank Ocean should wear to the VMAs?
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom/ASOS

We’re reeeeeally into this “Right Side Up” tee by Obey. Not only is it aesthetically cool and (we think) totally up Frank’s alley. It has PYRAMIDS on it. *dusts hands off* In keeping with references to tracks off Channel Orange, we also offer up this photo print cheerleader shirt from ASOS. *I wanna see you pom poms from the staaaaands* It’s “Forrest Gump” guys, and we’re in a Frank wormhole because we LUHHHH him. Get with it.

What do you think Frank Ocean should wear to the VMAs?
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters/Need Supply

We admit heather grey and all its hearkening back to high school gym class uniforms is a little casual for the VMAs, but we really like this “Life Wave And Sun” tee from Urban Outfitters for Frank. It’s a gnarly Asian-inspired ocean scene set against a red-orange rising sun. It’s mad self-referential, but the cohesion is too beautiful to ignore. Less obvious but still winking at the whole water thing, there’s this purple-to-gold ombre graphic tee from Need Supply with poetic messaging about the “remarkable sea” and “glimmering sun” that we’d like to pack up and ship off to Frankie with a little note card covered in lipstick prints.

What do you think Frank Ocean should wear to the VMAs?
Photo: Courtesy of The Quiet Life/Deer Dana

A self-proclaimed classic car aficionado, we think this car print tee from The Quiet Life fits well with Frank’s from Nostalgia, Ultra. to the VMAs story, with “Swim Good” being the track he’s racked up three nominations with at this year’s show. The last isn’t necessarily a shirt we really think Frank would rock, but given one of his recent tweets about the iconic artist, we just, selfishly, want to see Ocean in this Frida Kahlo Deer Dana tee. What do you think Frank Ocean should wear for his first ever VMA performance?

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